Remote-vieiwng-ufos-the-book“We already have the means to travel among the stars. But these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do”

Ben R. Rich – Former head of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works during a speech he gave to the Engineering Alumni Association at university of California In Los Angeles of which Rich was an alumnus. March 23, 199334


Celebrated as the UK’s version of the famous Roswell crash of 1947 in New Mexico US, the Rendlesham UFO incident refuses to die down, ever since the public awoke to alarming media revelations of a triangular craft of unknown origin, landing in the forest. What made this case highly unusual compared to other reported UFO sightings was the number of multiple witnesses in the area who all witnessed the event. These were not your ordinary witnesses, but highly trained US military guards, whose sole duty was to protect what was then a NATO frontline defence base for the UK.

On 26th December 1980, American military servicemen, located at RAF Bentwaters and nearby RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, witnessed a UFO land in the Rendlesham forest which just happens to be situated between the two bases. At first, the men thought it was an aircraft which might have crashed. They followed the direction of the strange eerie lights that had caught their attention.

Two of the men who made contact with the craft and saw it land, Jim Penniston and John Burroughs, both described a small triangular shaped object in a small clearing. Jim Penniston, remarkably, got close enough to touch it! The object was described as metallic in appearance and triangular shaped – either hovering or on legs. It had a set of blue lights on the edges or side and a bright white light on top. Both men watched as the craft took a few minutes to rise and weave past the trees, before shooting off at an impossible speed towards the east and nearby coastline. They also witnessed several other lights, far off into the distance in the same direction. Throughout the encounter, a sense of fear and dread enveloped the entire area.

Detailed sketches of the mysterious object were made and later submitted as evidence for further investigation. The mysterious craft made a return appearance two nights later, on the 28th December 1980. This time, the Deputy Base Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt was notified. He gathered a team together and went out in search of the object in the forest.

At first, Halt thought he would be able to debunk the whole affair as some sort of Christmas hoax, but he soon came across the same object again, and realized this was for real. The craft began shooting beams of light towards his men and also directly at specific buildings within RAF Woodbridge. The buildings have been rumoured over the years to be the main weapons storage facility, which at the time, may have contained Nuclear Weapons according to various sources.

At one point, Halt claimed the object was dripping some sort of molten like substance, which was also backed up by other witnesses who saw not just one, but several objects within the area, in the company of other Military personnel who observed the object. Halt recorded the events on tape and below, is part of the actual recorded transcript of what the men were witnessing:

“I see it too…its back again…

It’s coming this way…

There is no doubt about it…

This is weird…

It looks like an eye winking at you…

It almost burns your eyes…

He’s coming towards us now…

Now we’re observing what appears to be a beam coming down to the ground…

One object, still hovering over the Woodbridge base beaming down”.

The team witnessed further sightings of other UFOs including how the object appeared to split into several parts and shoot off in different directions at incredible speeds, unheard of at the time.

Halt duly reported the events to his superiors and to the MoD in a memorandum on 13th January, 1981. The press soon got hold of the story accompanied by the inevitable avalanche of conspiracy theories which came thick and fast.

The subsequent MoD (Ministry of Defence) investigation, revealed confirmed radiation readings at the site of the actual landing of the small triangular craft, which backed up the men’s version of what happened that first night and also confirmed the readings peaked where the three holes were located at the site, which incidentally, formed a perfect equilateral triangle.

The report indicated the radiation levels were up to eight times higher than what was expected for that particular area.

I was convinced that this would reveal, at long last, some sort of extraterrestrial data based on the high credibility of witnesses, hard facts concerning the landing site, the Base Commander Charles Halt’s own declarations and unwavering belief, that what he and his men witnessed, was of extraterrestrial origin. Plus tape recordings and released official documents, all pointing to the fact that something did indeed land in the forest. Something so unusual, so bizarre, it continues to affect all those directly involved to this very day.

The Remote Viewing:

I decided I would focus on only the hard known facts, in particular, the landing site and cause of the excessive radiation readings that were recorded on that night.

Joe McMoneagle would be needed once more.

The target was set up by his trusted project manager, sealed in an envelope and placed in a pile, along with other targets Joe was scheduled to do. All I had to do was wait till Joe got round to picking my target and do the remote viewing.

I eventually got the results several weeks later via email.

For the first time here is the only published remote viewing report in its entirety done by a former U.S. Army intelligence Remote Viewer on the Rendlesham Forest Incident –

[The viewer worked this target DOUBLE BLIND no information was given or shared]


1. Please describe the target.

2. What is the purpose of the target?

3. …more questions to follow:

The target is described as follows:

The target location is centered inside a circular road which encompasses an area of what appears to be heavily wooded rolling hills that is approximately 2.5 miles across. This in turn is located within a larger section of woods broken here and there with clearings. The specific target of interest is located in a spot which is slightly on an uphill grade, within a small clearing, due north- northeast of a road intersection. It is close to a long narrow bay area and due west of a much larger lake. The entire area is a wet forest.


Remote Viewing Sketch of Target Location as drawn by Joe McMoneagle

(Above – Remote Viewing Sketch of Target Location as drawn by Joe McMoneagle)

I get the impression that there is a specific object of interest that falls within this location. This object is described as follows:

a. It is metallic, and roughly shaped like a tall pyramid with three opaque and reflective sides.

b. It is approximately: 6’6” high; 4’6” wide [across the bottom edge]; and the same in depth as it is wide.

c. The object has legs which are approximately 6’ long that extend from the bottom at three corners; each leg becoming narrower toward the point or ground end. The ground end of each leg is approximately 12” across and also triangular.

d. The object is vibrating with a very low frequency that is rhythmic and almost inaudible.

e. The object pulses light in the purple, through red, up into the very bright yellow range [in frequency].

This object looks somewhat similar to the following drawings. However; it seems to be constantly changing shapes from/between the representation provided in Fig 2 and Fig 3. This leads me to believe that my perception might be masked by the object which might be either spinning very rapidly, or is somewhat obscured by some kind of a light/force field. Figure four is probably a more accurate drawing of how it actually looks to anyone who is viewing
it directly.


Above object is casting what seems like a light blue light underneath where it is hovering; glowing white to light yellow; emitting a very bright white hot yellow light outward for a great distance; and has a slight tinge of reddish colour at the top and bottom as well. The red may be fading in and out.

The purpose of the target is:

My sense is that this is a flight test involving re-entry. This test may have gone badly.

3. Radiation was measured – what is the source?

Radiation source is:
The force field generator is producing the radiation, and it is being emitted from the object in both an outward as well as a downward direction. This is a result of on-board radioactive materials being used in the Force Field Generator [FFG].

4. What is the origin(s) and mission of the object as witnessed by people on site?

Origin(s) and mission of the object as witnessed are:
Object comes from an overhead launch and recovery vehicle which originates from somewhere in the south-western area of the United States. It appears to be a lab facility.

Its mission was to test – launch, evasive flight, and recovery operations under cover of darkness near some other flight facility. If it was perceived while on mission, then subsequent or additional mission essentials were to determine any possible human emotional reactions under duress/stress.

JWM\July 1-6, 2008\RV 2.5 hrs.

I must admit, I was somewhat disappointed and shocked after reading the results. There were no descriptions of ETs whatsoever. The strange triangle, according to Joe’s detailed remote viewing data, appears to be a top secret unmanned remote controlled craft. I was however, very surprised by the technology described and its function. I was totally unaware we even had the capacity to
produce anything like what Joe came up with. Indeed hard core ufologist’s still believe to this day, based on all the data at hand, the paper trail of released classified documents and eye witness accounts, that extraterrestrials MUST be involved in some way.

• Had the Bentwaters base personnel been hoodwinked all along? Led to believe what had landed was some otherworldly craft?

• Did the MoD know about this?

• Did the base Commander and Security Commander know in advance what was going to happen that night?

I eventually came across some rather startling information provided by one of the original witnesses, John Burroughs, via an online blog he had set up in anticipation of a reunion between both himself and his fellow Rendlesham comrades. Burroughs made a plea for the other witnesses, in particular, Charles Halt and the base security Commander at the time, Lt Col. Zickler, to come forth and explain whatever it was Burroughs, and the other service men were exposed to all those years ago. The men were now experiencing illnesses they believed was caused by the unknown craft’s they encountered up close and touched. It appears Burroughs was seriously questioning the whole ET angle which Halt continues to promote to this day.

Burroughs also queried Lt Col. Zickler, who was in command of Security Police and Law Enforcement for the base and squadron at the time. According to Burroughs, Zickler left Bentwaters shortly after the incident and was moved to Eglin Air Force Base Florida, where believe-it-or-not, reports of numerous UFO events soon began to emerge. Zickler then moved on to become Head of System Security Engineering and Chief of Operation Security at GE Aerospace to include going to extensive lengths to test and create
realistic scenarios on an Air Base.

Borroughs then adds a final and rather controversial question which may shed some light on what went on all those years ago,

“Everybody wonders how a Squadron Commander in charge of Security Police and Law Enforcement, can ascend to working with the US Special Forces Counter Intelligence Deception Unit.

Borroughs continues,

“This seems suspicious. Why have you never gone on record about the incident at Bentwaters/Woodbridge?
When I contacted you this week all you could offer was “Cheer up, things will get better soon!”

One of the things that left me scratching my head, was the seemingly advanced level of technology described by the witnesses. If this was a top secret classified military craft, as suggested by Joe’s astonishing remote viewing data or part of a psyops/counter intelligence deception operation, which Major Zickler now seems to have extensive experience with according to Burroughs, is there any evidence such technology was around back in the 1980s?

There appears to be some backing for this theory in the form of a host of 1977 patents released online in 2012 by Sacha Christie

Plasma Charged Bolts.

Plasma generator.


Ion beam.

Charged particle beam accelerator:

Solid state Doppler radar.

ELF visual, audio and emotional stimulation:

According to Sacha,


Sacha goes on further to add the following:

“The events that occurred over that weekend (Bentwaters/Woodbridge) were the actualisation of a joint forces research project into the behavioural science of staff on nuclear bases. This exercise involved all three forces and was instigated by the DNA and developed between defence agencies and contractors.

It was all planned.

Not only was it a behavioural sciences research project but it was also an opportunity for them to field test various very highly advanced technologies. Technology that has left me with my jaw on the floor since 3am Monday morning. The document I found is 244 pages long 36and I have read it fully three times and parts over and over. I know what happened and have found as many other bits of documentation, including patents to back most of it up, no I haven’t selectively chosen to make facts fit, there’s just so much of it, I’m overwhelmed.”

The reader can access the full report in the referenced links. Is it proof? No. However it does show that the technology was probably available at the time to duplicate most, if not all of what the US Military witnesses saw during that fateful December weekend in 1980 and makes a compelling case that what actually landed, may indeed have a more earthly origin than we have been led to believe all these years. On a side note, I did try to find out from Joe more details about the delivery system of the smaller triangular craft and the actual location of the Midwest US laboratory base where he perceived the craft originated from, but he remains tight-lipped (and some might say rightly so), about those questions.

If what Joe describes turns out to be accurate I am afraid the truth of what happened will never be admitted to by either the US or UK governments for all kinds of obvious reasons. After all, you can’t openly admit to exposing your own service men or those of your allies and not to mention the general public, to highly radioactive objects?

Indeed I can see why it would be beneficial to promote tales of UFOs, Time Travellers and all kinds of conspiracy and media manipulated agendas to help cover up what really happened. This has always been a well-known tactic deployed by Air Forces round the globe to cover up the existence of highly classified projects.

Nellis Air Force Base and UFOS

Bentwaters was not the first nuclear base to experience an ‘invasion’ of mysterious flying triangles. Similar reports have been noted on US nuclear weapons storage facilities such as Nellis Air Force Nuclear Bomb Depot AREA 2, deep in the Nevada desert not for from Las Vegas. The year was 1998. Once again, another security guard by the name of Christopher Cabrera, while on patrol at the south west perimeter of the base, along with his partner, both witnessed a large flying triangle. The men duly reported the incident and were both summoned to their Flight Chief’s Office to give a detailed account of what they experienced.

They were told in no uncertain terms to never discuss the event and that the incident never happened. They were even threatened with a dishonourable discharge should they reveal what they saw.

Another military encounter from 1967

Dr Ardy Sixkiller Clark, a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University reported a similar case to the Bentwaters incident in her book “Encounters with Star People – Untold stories of American Indians (Anomalist Books 2012)

Clark published an astonishing story about three former military veterans, all of American Indian decent and their extraordinary encounter with a giant UFO, while on duty at an undisclosed American air force base.

The three witnesses to this event were Arlan, Max and Hank. Dr Clark interviewed all three witnesses and their experiences are summarised below:

• In 1967 an unidentified object appeared on radar. It headed straight for the base and several jet fighters were scrambled to intercept the unknown object. The jets eventually returned to base while the entire base itself was placed under high alert. The men, now wide awake after being woken by sirens, were immediately dispersed around the base perimeters and ordered to stay alert.

• The men’s squad leader repeatedly told them to keep alert and not to talk. Temperatures that night were close to freezing. The men were ordered to guard the front entrance
of the base.

• At 2am the witnesses claimed a ‘spacecraft’ appeared out of nowhere without making a sound. It hovered over the base for 30 minutes.

• The object was described as huge, 50 to 60 feet wide and 25 to 30 feet tall. Circular in shape with windows. One of the men, Arlan, claimed to see shadows moving, but the light was dull, obscuring any clear vision of the crafts occupants. All the base lights were on, so the men managed to get a clear view of the object. It was metallic, grey, and perfectly smooth with no seams whatsoever. Occasionally the object flashed blue and white lights.

• One of the men on duty suddenly broke rank and ran towards the craft. Max claims he was shooting at the craft despite under orders by their commanding officer not to shoot. He was almost beneath it, when a beam of light from the craft hit him. For a moment, he remained suspended as if frozen, before the beam of light retracted, leaving the guard on the ground. Medics arrived on the scene to take the unconscious man to sick bay [Max claims he died a few months later due to radiation]

• The craft then ‘moved’ and within seconds simply disappeared upwards into the night sky.

• The witnesses were all given 12 hours to prepare for immediate transfers to other bases and never saw each other again.

• They were ordered to never speak of what they saw that night to anyone and were threatened repeatedly. They were eventually informed it was all part of a top secret test to determine how they would react under unusual and stressful situations and that the craft was an experimental one.

I should also point out that like the Rendlesham witnesses, these men also do not believe this was simply a test, yet how does one explain the air of ‘expectancy’ and readiness for the appearance of a UFO in this particular case?

Did a similar event occur at Rendlesham? One so shocking it totally convinced the men they were dealing with a real and significant threat from outer space?

There is, as ever, the need to remind readers that until full feedback can be obtained the remote viewing data provided, as detailed as it may be, must remain partially unverifiable till we obtain all the facts. I am simply presenting the raw data and supporting facts about the case for the reader to make their own judgement pending availability of full feedback which may or may never arrive.

There is a lot more to this case that I have left out since the focus was primarily on identifying the object that landed and left radioactive evidence as observed by multiple eyewitnesses on 26th December 1980. Penniston and some of the other witnesses would later go on to describe debriefing procedures by their superiors and from intelligence agencies such as the Air Force Office of Special Investigations AFOSI. Penniston in particular, had 14 such debriefings. [One wonders if some of those debriefings were carried out by members of the DNA]

They were subjected to being administered ‘truth serums’ such as sodium pentothal often used during interrogations, hypnosis and more worryingly – brainwashing!

A similar use of truth serums was reported in the tragic UFO case of Edward Bryant as reported by researcher Nick Redfern in his book, “Close Encounters of the fatal kind.” According to Redfern, Edward Bryant, who passed away at the mere age of 53 from a brain tumour may have been an innocent victim of a covert operation by joint American and UK agencies between 1964 and
1965 to initiate and fabricate certain “UFO Episodes” in both England and the USA40

The reasons for the fabrications noted by Redfern in his book were:

• To determine how successfully the human brain could be scrambled into thinking it had experienced something incredible that actually had no reality to it and…

• To stage-manage faked, mind-managed events to try to figure out how the general populace [and it would seem Military Personnel guarding highly sensitive locations-Tunde Atunrase’s comments*] might react to real encounters with extraterrestrials, should such entities one day appear en masse.

As a result of the truth serum events linked to the Rendlesham case which are a known fact and confirmed by the men themselves, we cannot therefore be surprised that many years later, tales of Time Travellers from Earths future and a mysterious binary code would emerge to muddle the more factual and known events of that night even further. For a more comprehensive look at the entire affair I would like to recommend, ‘Encounter at Rendlesham Forest’ probably the most definitive book on the subject to date and Georgina Bruni’s, ‘You Can’t Tell The People’.

I have also made Joe’s remote viewing data available for John Burroughs and received an acknowledgement from him for which I am grateful for.

On a final note, it is my wish and prayer the men of the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing in Bentwaters who witnessed this extraordinary triangular craft/s in all its glory find some sort of closure to this case and that Joe McMoneagle’s amazing report while at best speculative and unverified for now, may help towards giving them vital clues as to what really happened in Rendlesham forest all those years ago.

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