Remote Viewing UFOs and the visitors

By Tunde Atunrase

320 Pages

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Since 1460 BC, UFOs have been documented and recorded by witnesses all over the world. What are these mysterious objects of unknown origin? Where do they come from and more importantly…Why are they here?

  • CHAPTER 1 – Extra-Sensory Perception: The Early Years
  • CHAPTER 2 – Top Secret Classified Remote Viewing Military Intelligence Operations
  • CHAPTER 3 – What is Remote Viewing?
  • CHAPTER 4 – Joseph W. McMoneagle
  • CHAPTER 5 – How it all started – My Introduction to RV
  • Remote Viewing Examples
  • CHAPTER 6 – Beyond Remote Viewing: Exploratory and Speculative Examples of Remote Viewing
  • CHAPTER 7 – Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun
  • CHAPTER 8 – The Carlos Diaz Photos
  • CHAPTER 9 – The Lincolnshire Wind Turbine Mystery
  • CHAPTER 10 – The Guernsey Channel Islands Mystery
  • CHAPTER 11 – The Rendlesham Forest Incident
  • CHAPTER 12 – Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident
  • CHAPTER 13 – The Travis Walton Mystery
  • The Event
  • Humans?
  • The Nordics and other Humanoid species visiting Earth:
  • CHAPTER 15 – Joe McMoneagle and Ingo Swann’s views on Remote Viewing Extraterrestrials
  • CHAPTER 16 – Where do we go from here?

Click here for a sample chapter from the book. The Rendlesham Forest incident

Remote Viewing UFOs and the visitors – Book from Tunde Atunrase

“I admire the lengths and considerable expense gone to in developing the content of this book. Without the author’s determination and effort, we would not have these remote viewing gems from the legendary Joe McMoneagle. Even if that were the book’s only virtue (which it is not), this would still be a valuable work of interest to generations to come.” –  Paul H. Smith, Ph.D. (Major, US Army, ret.)

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